Level 1


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The course will cover the 6 Competency Domains in the Caregiver-Centered Care Competency Framework:
  • A) Recognizing the Caregiver Role
  • B) Communicating with Family Caregivers
  • C) Partnering with Family Caregivers
  • D) Fostering Resilience in Family Caregivers
  • E) Navigating the Health & Social Systems and Accessing Resources
  • F) Enhancing the Culture & Context of Care
You will receive your Foundational Level Caregiver-Centered Care Certificate on completion of the course.
Free of Charge
We aim to make this information accessible to everyone. The foundational level of certification is offered on this website, free of charge.
created for all
This course provides the baseline knowledge and skills required by all workers who interact with family caregivers in all settings. (Caregiver's own home, community, and healthcare.)
Total Time
It should take you about an hour to complete the course.
  • 6 Short Videos
  • Short Exercises & Reflections
  • Pre/Post Evaluation
Level 2


Earn your certificate in Advanced Caregiver Centered Care.
Coming Soon
The advanced level education is designed for healthcare providers who have significant direct contact with or responsibility for family caregivers.

This course will cover the 6 Competency Domains in the Caregiver Centered Care Competency Framework in the depth and breadth needed to provide person-centered support to family caregivers at all stages of the care trajectory. You will go through assessments in order to to receive the Advance Level Caregiver Centered Care Certification.
Course Content
This advanced level online Caregiver Centered Care course will provide learners an advanced understanding of the value of person-centred approaches  including communication, partnering with family caregivers, assessing the family caregiver's support needs and navigating the health and social care systems.
created for
This course is for health and community social care providers who have regular or intense contract with family caregivers, provide specific interventions, and/ or manage care and services.
Total Time
The course will take about 4 hours of your time.
Level 3


Earn your certificate in Caregiver Centered Care.
Coming Soon
Caregiver-Centered Care Champions are:
  • Individuals with experiential knowledge and skills in person-centered care for family caregivers.
  • Advocates for family caregivers and the persons for whom they provide care.
  • Mentors and role models,  sources of information and support in person-centered care for their co-workers and family caregivers.
  • Learners who are constantly developing the leadership qualities and communication skills to act as Caregiver Centered Care Change Agents.
Highlight the Content
Besides focusing on the knowledge, skills, and abilities outlined in the Caregiver-Centered Care Competency Framework, this course will support  in-depth development of  mentors, role models, and change agents.
Who the Course is For
This course is for healthcare and community social care providers who are passionate about family caregiving and/or manage care, services, and policies for family caregivers.
Total Time
The course is in development. We expect the education, context specific skills training, and community of practice will require about 2 days.

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