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Episode 1: Domain A

Recognizing the Family Caregiver Role

In this episode, we are introduced to our team of health workers. our main character lacey is a nurse and also a caregiver to her mother, and we begin to see her dual roles in care.
Step 1: Recognizing
We use "Caregiver-Centered Care" to refer to the specific person-centered focus on family caregivers, recognizing that "family" can refer to family, friends, partners, neighbors, and other people deemed by the care-recipient as fulfilling this role. We emphasize that Caregiver-Centered Care is not the shifting of care, care management, or advocacy responsibilities to families, but rather a collaborative working relationship between families and healthcare providers, with healthcare providers supporting family caregivers in their caregiving role, decisions about services, care management, and advocacy.

This approach respects and meaningfully involves the family caregivers in the planning and delivery of supportive services, while focussing on family caregivers' wellbeing. It also recognizes and addresses family caregivers' needs and preferences and integrates family caregivers as partners in care.
Domain Indicators
  • Demonstrates understanding of the value of family caregivers's contribution to society and the healthcare system.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the consequences of caregiving on family caregivers.
  • Demonstrates awareness of, and identifies the family caregivers, their roles and responsibilities in supporting the care of the care recipient.
  • Understands the diversity among family caregivers (eg., Age, gender, culture, where they live, work).
Lacie with her Father, George.
Dr. Stacy Forges with her patient, Wendy.
Things to Think About
“Mom has dementia. Young onset. We just found out. But I haven’t sorted out everything she needs yet. I’m feeling overwhelmed.”
- Lacey
1. What kind of activities might be challenging for family caregivers?

2. What are some of the emotions Lacey is feeling?
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