Caregiver-Centered Care

Caregiver-centered care is person-centered care for family caregivers. This approach respects and meaningfully involves the care receiver’s family caregiver in the planning and delivery of supportive services. It also recognizes and addresses caregiver needs and preferences and integrates family caregivers as partners in care.

Competency Framework

The Caregiver Centered Care Competency Framework consists of 6 Domains that are the foundational competencies for engaging with family caregivers in all settings. Competencies are the first step in supporting family caregivers in their vital roles.


Competency Domains

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Domain a

Recognizing the family caregiver role

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domain b

Communicating with family caregivers

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domain c

Partnering with family caregivers

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domain D

Fostering resilience in family caregivers

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domain E

Navigating health & social systems and accessing resources

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domain F

Enhancing the culture and context of care

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