We listen to family caregivers.


One in four Canadians is a family caregiver.
Family caregivers are essential!

  • Alberta's family caregivers are critical to giving people of all ages who need care the choice to remain in their community homes. They provide 75- 90% of the care to community-dwelling Albertans.
  • Alberta's family caregivers also provide essential care to residents in group homes, supportive living, or long-term care. Family caregivers assist with
    10–30% of the care in congregate care settings.

We focus on practical research to inform us about what family caregivers need and how healthcare providers can support family caregivers.

Starting September 20, 2022

Free Webinar Series: Building a Better System to Support Canadian Family Caregivers: What are the key elements needed to support family caregivers?

Economist, Dr. Janet Fast calculates that Family caregivers (care-partners, carers) contribute $97.1 Billion yearly to the Canadian Care Economy. Family caregivers' contribution represents more than 3 times the national expenditures on home, community, and long-term care.  Currently, family caregivers provide 75–90% of the care for people with physical or mental illnesses, disabilities, or frailty who live in the community and assist with 15–30% of the care in congregate care settings. Yet, all too often, the family caregiver role and their needs are marginalized within health and community social care systems. The challenges family caregivers face, including the impacts on their own emotional, physical, social, career, and financial well-being have been overlooked by employers, policymakers, and society.
Our goal is to build a better system to support Canadian family caregivers to sustain care and maintain their own wellbeing. Take part in our free webinars and focus groups to develop a shared vision of the elements required to support family caregivers.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and continues to have, a profound effect on all people in Canada, including family caregivers.
As a result, we have done 3 surveys to shine a light on the impacts of COVID-19 on family caregivers.

2022 survey:

Double-Duty Caregivers: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Healthcare Providers who are also Family Caregivers?

Double-duty caregivers are family caregivers who are employed in the healthcare field while also providing unpaid care outside of work (to a family member, chosen family, friend, or neighbour). In this survey and follow-up interviews, we wanted to understand the impact of the dual formal care roles—as a healthcare provider at work and a family caregiver at home.  

2022 survey report
2022 survey infographic

2021 survey:

How has 18 months of COVID-19 Affected Family Caregivers?

This survey followed up on our 2020 survey done in July 2020, 4 months after the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Thank you to everyone who has completed this survey.  


2020 survey:

What are the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Alberta Family Caregivers?

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020, many of the support that had been available to support family caregivers at home closed or moved online. Family caregivers were locked out of congregate care settings such as group homes, seniors’ apartments, lodges, supportive living, and long-term care.

This survey was done in July 2020 to understand what was happening to family caregivers.

Read the July 2020 Survey Report:


The 2020 Survey made an impact!

The 2020 report was:

  • Presented to the 5 Ministers on the Cross Ministerial Caregiver Working Group (Health, Children’s Services, Seniors and Housing, Community and Social Services, Labour and Immigration)
  • Helped informed Elise Stolte's Edmonton Journal Series, "Cracks to Chasms"https://bit.ly/3elrfkC
  • Shared with audiences across Alberta in presentations e.g., Alberta Association on Gerontology Living Well Series
  • Influenced the new Improving Quality of Life for Residents in Facility-BasedContinuing Care Alberta Facility-Based Continuing Care Review Report (See Recommendation #5 recognizing family caregivers as partners in care) https://bit.ly/2S2ax2F
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