We listen to family caregivers.


How has COVID-19 Affected Family Caregivers? What is happening in 2021? 

One in four Albertans is a family caregiver. Family caregivers are essential!

Alberta's family caregivers are critical to  giving people of all ages needing care  the choice to remain in their community homes. They  provide 75- 90% of the care to community dwelling Albertans.  

Alberta's  family caregivers of residents in group homes, supportive living, or long-term care also provide essential care. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, family caregivers were assisting with 10 to 30% of the care in these congregate  care settings.

If you are a family caregiver, please consider completing this short survey to help us understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and what you need now to  help you maintain your own wellbeing and support the person for whom you care.  The survey should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Who should complete this survey?
  • Do you live in Alberta?
  • Do you care for a family member, friend, or neighbour who has mental or physical illness, chronic conditions, disabilities, drug or alcohol addictions, or age-related frailty without pay?
  • The family member or friend or neighbour you care for could live anywhere: in your home with you, in their own apartment, condo, or home, in a lodge, group home, in supportive or assisted  living, or in long-term care.  

Then you are an Alberta Family Caregiver! Please complete this survey.  


The 2020 Survey made an impact!

The 2020 report was:

  • Presented to the 5 Ministers on the Cross Ministerial Caregiver Working Group (Health, Children’s Services, Seniors and Housing, Community and Social Services, Labour and Immigration)
  • Helped informed Elise Stolte's Edmonton Journal Series, "Cracks to Chasms"https://bit.ly/3elrfkC
  • Shared with audiences across Alberta in presentations e.g., Alberta Association on Gerontology Living Well Series
  • Influenced the new Improving Quality of Life for Residents in Facility-BasedContinuing Care Alberta Facility-Based Continuing Care Review Report (See Recommendation #5 recognizing family caregivers as partners in care) https://bit.ly/2S2ax2F

Read the July 2020 Survey Report:

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